A Moral Dentist

If a dentist intentionally purchases implants knowing that they are not authorized available for sale in Canada, and if the implants fall short as an outcome of the shortages in the product, then the Discipline Committee would certainly not look kindly on the dental professional. The activities of the dental professional would certainly be seen […]


Difference Between Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

The main differences between patent, copyright and trademark are the object and the protection time. In general, copyright is meant for artistic works (music, video, literature), trademarks are meant to protect the corporate image (trade names, logos and symbols) and patents protect inventions and discoveries including processes, formulas, designs tools, equipment and devices, and even […]


What is Real Estate Law?

In general, the term “real estate” refers to the ownership or use of land. The real estate law is a branch of civil law including the right to own, use and enjoy land and permanent additions. Real estate laws have a daily impact on most of us, whether direct or indirect, affecting owners, tenants, landlords, […]


How to Get a Patent?

It seems like filing a patent for new ideas and technologies is a national sport in America. Patent wars are increasingly bitter ending. A clear example is the continuous struggle between Apple and Samsung suing each other for millions of dollars regarding patent infringement. This appears to be contributing to the rate at which the Office of Patents […]


How to Get Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance comes in very different shapes and forms, but there are many options for all kind of the type of budgets and needs of each person or family. The main advantage is to offering professional care and access to specialized dental centers without paying full retail price in each visit. Dental insurance is an […]


What is Malpractice Insurance?

The relationship between the insured and the company is usually good until an accident happens and the insured needs your services of the insurance company. It is then that all the shortcomings of the policy then come to light and problems arise; the under-insurance, exclusions, penalties, problems with expertise, etc. such is the case of […]